Real Ginger + Lemons Superbrew

Real Ginger + Lemons Superbrew

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Our mix of ginger juice and puree means it’s bursting with ginger flavor, without the sugary bite, and lemon balances with a light sweetness. To finish it off, a touch of turmeric to balance out the ginger spice.

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Nutrition Facts: 4.5% ABV, 120 calories, 8g sugar, 8g carbs

Gluten Free Product

Over A Pound Of Real Fruit
In Every 12 Pack!

Seriously! Since the original days of Willie and Nico hand blending ginger in Cuisinarts to our batches made today, every brew uses real, delicious fruits to craft Willie's Superbrew.
Each Willie's Superbrew Variety Pack has nearly a pound of real fruit inside! That's what you get when you brew hard seltzer with soul.

Making Waves For Good

Drink Willie's & We Clean A Mile Of Beach!

Since 2019 Willie's has developed and lead beach clean events across Massachusetts, New York and New Jersey and have cleaned 500 beaches to date.

starting now, with any purchase of a Willie's Superbrew 6 or 12 Pack we will clean and help conserve a half mile or mile of beach respectively!

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