Willie's Superbrew Happier Hour Variety Pack Hard Seltzer

Happier Hour
Variety Pack

These Superbrews are inspired by classic cocktails, freshly squeezed with nearly a pound of real fruit, and each uniquely powered by a superfruit; a variety pack to make any hour happier.

Real Limes + Mint Superbrew

In our chop on the famous Mojito we muddled citrusy lime, bright mint, and Guanabana, a superfruit used to make fresh juices in Cuba. Enter More-jito, a happy go breezy bevvy made for more soulful sipping.

Real Cranberries + Lime Superbrew

A nod to our local home beach cranberry-heads, Caped Codder is tart and superfruit-bursting with cranberries, zippy lime, and the floral sweetness of elderflower. 

Real Ginger + Lemons Superbrew

A superfruit punch of real ginger, fresh-squeezed lemon and a touch of turmeric makes this one mighty version of the classic Moscow Mule. Be happier while playing or chilling.

Real Pineapple + Jalapeño Superbrew

With the superfruit juiciness of real pineapple and a small karate kick of jalapeño, our dynamically delicious brew elevates one of man’s greatest creations: the Spicy Marg.

Each Willie's Superbrew Variety Pack has nearly a pound of real fruit inside! That's what you get when you brew hard seltzer with soul.

Nearly a pound of real fruit in every 12 pack!

Seriously! Since the original days of willie and Nico hand blending ginger in Cuisinarts to our craft batches made today, every brew uses real, delicious fruits to craft Willie's Superbrew.

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