Willie's Superbrew G.O.A.T. Variety Pack

Variety Pack

The most award-winning SUPERBREWs of all time, all powered by superfruits, all in one G.O.A.T. variety pack.

Real Pomegranate + Açai Superbrew

OG superfruits pomegranate and acai berries do a double paddle board headstand of balance in this luxurious brew.

Real Mangos + Passion Fruit Superbrew

Judges love this ride of tropical aroma and juicy real mango at take off, followed by exotic tartness of passion fruit in the pocket, and a cool wash of lime to finish.

Real Blueberries + Lemon Superbrew

The rich antioxidants and superfruit power of blueberries nicely choreograph our brew that dances with citrusy lemon. 

Real Blood Orange + Hibiscus Superbrew

This just picked, freshly squeezed brew is flooded with ripe blood oranges and elevated with tropical Hibiscus flowers.

Each Willie's Superbrew Variety Pack has nearly a pound of real fruit inside! That's what you get when you brew hard seltzer with soul.

Nearly A Pound Of Real Fruit In Every 12 Pack!

Seriously! Since the original days of willie and Nico hand blending ginger in cuisinarts to our craft batches made today, every brew uses real, delicious fruits to craft Willie's Superbrew.

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