Willie's Superbrew Beach-Ade Hard Seltzer Variety Pack.

Variety Pack

Beach-Ade Superbrews made for our love of the beach, all doused in hydrating coconut water and a sprinkling of sea salt. For every park sold, Willie’s cleans 300 sq feet of beaches near and far. It’s a love thing.

Real Peaches + Lemonade Superbrew

The ideal sitting-in-the-sand-sipping brew is juicy with real peaches and lemons and doused in hydrating coconut water and sprinkled with sea salt.

Real Limes Limeade Superbrew

Made for blissing out, our Limeade is zesty in taste, with real limes and a dash of sea salt nicely balanced with calming coconut water. 

Real Lemons + Coconut Water Superbrew

Bright and thirst-quenching superfruit lemons, refreshing coconut water mixed with a dash of sea salt…  if you could drink sunshine, it would be this superbrew.

Real Lemons + Black Tea Superbrew

The step-pep of black tea yings the yang of chilled-out lemonade and coconut water creating the ultimate bevvy for endless summer days, nights, and volleyball rallies.

Each Willie's Superbrew Variety Pack has nearly a pound of real fruit inside! That's what you get when you brew hard seltzer with soul.

Nearly A Pound Of Real Fruit In Every 12 Pack!

Seriously! Since the original days of willie and Nico hand blending ginger in Cuisinarts to our craft batches made today, every brew uses real, delicious fruits to craft Willie's Superbrew.

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Our Pledge

Each Variety Pack = 300sqft Of Beach Cleaned!

Willie's Real Wave

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