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Frequently asked questions

The new name?

We wanted to stay true to our namesake, Willie, but also hone in on what our drink is all about. We are far from a simple ginger beer. The key to our brew is Superfoods + Fermentation, or Superbrew. It's certainly not beer, or cider, or seltzer. And it's not just about ginger. It's something completely different, so borrowing another name didn't feel right.

The new look?

We loved our beard, and we know our fans did too. However, we wanted to create something outside the can that represents what's inside. With vibrant colors, clean yet natural lines, and a collision of fruit and flavor, our new can art looks how our drink feels. We sure think it looks good as well.

The new flavor?

When we realized the core of our mission wasn't just about ginger, we wanted to really explore what we could do. Pomegranate and acai are two bold, delicious superfoods that really encapsulate our out there, unique goal. The final product is light, tart, and startlingly refreshing.