Now Available! Juicy Hazy Hoppy

CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA, USA, October 31, 2023 / --

Something big has been brewing at Willie’s Superbrew: The award-winning adult beverage brand has added a new flavor to its lineup of hard seltzers. At 6% alcohol by volume and a whopping 23% juice, Juicy Hazy Hoppy is a tropical hard seltzer reminiscent of your favorite hazy IPA.

Brewed with aromatic Citra and Mosaic hops, real mango and pineapple and topped with a squeeze of fresh lime, Juicy Hazy Hoppy is one of the most flavorful seltzers ever produced. The real fruits, purees and juices give the hard seltzer a beautiful, bright color and super flavorful taste that sets it apart from anything else on the shelves. The release of Juicy Hazy Hoppy marks the third fan-favorite Superbrew flavor to hit the market since the Willie’s Superbrew brand was revived earlier this summer.

“Juicy Hazy Hoppy is outside the realm of any hard seltzer you’ve ever tasted,” said Willie’s Superbrew CEO Mark Hegedus. “Enjoy the flavors of a traditional New England hazy IPA with fewer calories, bolder flavors and only real-fruit ingredients. One of my personal favorites, a can of Juicy Hazy Hoppy will turn your afternoon into a tropical getaway.”

Juicy Hazy Hoppy joins Juicy Ginger Lemon, Willie’s spin on ginger beer, and Juicy Mango Tango, a mango passionfruit hard seltzer, to round out the company’s core lineup. Today’s bold, flavorful, real-fruit Superbrews are made with the same recipes Willie’s customers have come to know and love, refreshed with a new look. Superbrews are carefully crafted to bring out the bold, layered flavors in each refreshing beverage, while remaining vegan, gluten-free, and lower in calories and sugar than other leading hard seltzers.

Find Juicy Hazy Hoppy in select retailers across the East Coast including North Carolina, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut and New Hampshire, with Maine and Vermont coming soon.