Drink real ingredients.

It is absurd that alcohol packaging doesn’t include nutrition facts or ingredients.

We believe:

  1. We deserve to know what we’re drinking.

  2. Drinks should only have real ingredients (not “flavors”).

  3. Real ingredients taste better.


Our Superbrews

We brew with thousands of pounds of fruits and spices to make our drinks, and never use artificial (or “natural”) flavors or synthetic sweeteners. We firmly believe in fruit over “flavors,” and hope that you will too. Even if it costs a bit more to make, and takes more work to perfect, we think it’s worth it. Real ingredients just taste better. And what’s more, it’s gluten free and we can still compete on calories and carbs.

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Ginger & Lemon

Water, Alcohol from Fermentation, Ginger, Brown Sugar, Lemon Concentrate, Turmeric


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Pomegranate & Acai

Water, Alcohol from Fermentation, Pomegranate Concentrate, Cane Sugar, Acai, Lemon Concentrate


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Mango & Passionfruit

Water, Alcohol from Fermentation, Mango, Cane Sugar, Passionfruit Concentrate, Lime Concentrate


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Where to find us:

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Our locations

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Where we started


The beaches of Cape Cod have witnessed some pretty epic first encounters and it’s where the Willie’s Superbrew story starts, too. It’s where Nico, a young and wacky neuroscience researcher, first met Willie, an eclectic local goat farmer, over a game of volleyball and a delicious home-brew. From this original recipe, crafted in Willie’s Cape Cod kitchen and first shared on that Cape Cod beach, to the company and drink it inspired, the spirit of that sunny afternoon on the beach is still at the heart of everything we do. It was the next best thing to bringing everyone to Cape Cod (Willie offered to host, but we figured it would get cramped).


What we’re up to

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We've committed to donating 3% of our profits to an environmental cause every year, and we want you to help us decide where it goes!

  1. Each year, we'll have a period of nominations in which we invite people to suggest non-profits that they truly believe in.

  2. After that period, we will vet and narrow down the nominated non-profits until we are left with our list of finalists.

  3. From there, you can vote for your favorite, and invite others to vote as well!

  4. We will leave voting open for a month, before tallying, validating, and selecting our cause for the year!

We’ve just announced our 2018 winner, and have opened up 2019 nominations!


2018 Winner: Better Future Project

We had four great finalists, all worthy of our pledge, but Better Future Project won the vote!

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This MA-based team works to promote an economy powered by renewable energy to battle the devastating effects of climate change. We’re extremely excited to be able to help them this year. To learn more about their mission, visit their website!


Check out our amazing runners up as well!


2019 Nominations are now open!


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